Blizzard Does Unthinkable, Releases Warcraft 3 No CD Patch

warcraft 3 reign of chaos coverThe recently released Warcraft 3 patch, 1.21b, allows players to run the game without a CD in their drive, according to N4G.

In these days of DRM and strict anti-piracy measures, the most prolific developer in the world freeing its most recent RTS from CD limitations may come as a shock. However, most Warcraft 3 players are playing the game online, where they still need a valid CD-Key in order to access, Blizzard’s proprietary mutliplayer gateway. As such, this new patch won’t trigger an onslaught of Warcraft 3 piracy. The game is nearly six years old; everyone who wanted to play the single player campaign, legally or otherwise, has already done so. Blizzard knows that the statute of limitations on pirating Warcraft 3 has passed. Think of this patch as a big “thank you” to the fans, but don’t expect Starcraft 2 to run without a CD when it hits store shelves this year… next year… sometime this decade, at least… please.

Warcraft 3 players can patch to the latest version by logging onto through Warcraft 3 or downloading the patch manually from Blizzard’s official site here.