Goldeneye for Live Arcade Won’t Die

Even after Microsoft confirmed that the financial side of things didn’t pan out, the updated Goldeneye for the Live Arcade won’t leave gamers alone. The N64 classic remains one of the most beloved first-person shooters of all time (even though it barely holds up today), and the remixed graphics and online multi-player had many players frothing at the mouth.

Adding fuel to the rumors is the UK magazine Xbox World who claims to have the exclusive story about the game and its release date. However, Microsoft stands firm that they never contacted (or were contacted) by the magazine about the story, and repeat their initial stance on the issue that it’s not happening.

Undoubtedly, the game would be a huge seller, so either Microsoft or Nintendo needs to budge on this one and get a release. A ton of work has apparently been done, as the screen shots and video show nicely rendered graphics that represent a huge leap over the N64 original. With dual analog controls, it could even be brought up to today’s standards.