PROJECT GAMERZ Is A Terrific Idea!

project gamerz“Terrific” in this case meaning “poorly conceived and laughably ineffectual.”

The program, which UK Resistance so aptly mocks, is the brainchild of the South London police force. PROJECT GAMERZ aims to get “anyone aged between 11 and 18, who live, or attend school, in the Riverside Ward of Rotherhithe, to get involved with their local community through Video Games and eSports.” Because clearly, the way to combat youth violence is to stick a dozen at-risk teenagers in a room filled with Xbox 360s and force them to play a few competitive games of FIFA. Never mind the socio-economic problems breeding environments that feed and encourage crime and violence. No, the answer here is clearly to play more video games.

Next up, we fight hunger by giving starving nations copies of Cooking Mama.