Poll Reveals Smash Bros. Brawl Played with Gamecube Controllers


As unofficial as it may be, a GameFAQs poll has revealed an interesting stat. 42% of players are using Gamecube controllers. Add in the Classic Controller, and that number jumps to over half.

A measly 14% are using the actual console’s controller to play the game. While it’s certainly not suited for the game and familiarity with the previous generations device certainly come into play, it’s not hard to see this as a small statement on the “innovation” the Wii remote provides. It’s simply not suited for many types of games, and those that force the issue generally end up in failure.

If you’re spending $250 for game hardware, isn’t it somewhat telling that the hardcore audience (who are certainly the ones playing Smash Bros. en masse compared to their casual counterparts) is rejecting the new control method?