Weekly Multiplayer Releases: Week of April 1, 2007

April Fool’s Day is the single worst day in the games industry. Fake news stories plus a rapid fanbase ready and willing to accept any morsel of information as gospel, regardless of how obviously fake, makes for a painful combination. It turns out the day isn’t particularly good for video game releases either.

double sequenceDouble Sequence
Puzzle | DS
Decode alien DNA by using the DS’ stylus to move and rearranged colored blocks, saving the world from the deadly Q-Virus. And mom said my Tetris skills would never lead to anything. You can also create your own deadly DNA patterns to trade with friends or battle against them wirelessly to see who has the superior DNA-rearranging skills. Hurray for giving a tired experience a fresh coat of paint!

octomania boxartOctomania
Puzzle| Wii
Oh joy of joys, another puzzle game where you match similarly colored blocks octopuses. But wait! This game also features bright and colorful, anime-inspired graphics and support for up to two players either locally or online! This would have been a perfect fit for WiiWare, but as a standalone retail game it’s hard to get excited for something we’ve played roughly a billion times already.