Last Chaos

lc_36_preview.jpgIn my last post I was talking about the MPG site ‘ Aeria games’ This is a review on the game ‘Last Chaos’ which is one of there downloadable MPRPG’s.

Last Chaos which you can find here is your classic RPG, In that it does not offer anything different in terms of game-play, from your standard RPG.

However its the online environment, and its unique take on crucial online interaction and pet companion’s in order to succeed in the game. That make ‘Last Chaos’ particularly addictive.

The members area for ‘Last Chaos’ also has daily events, completion of which can earn you ‘Aeria points’ which enable you to upgrade your characters faster than if you just upgrade their skills through battle.

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Back story: As you may or may not know ‘Last Chaos’ is set in the world of ‘Iris’ which is in chaos after centuries of warfare between the factions of the God of light ‘Apollon’ and the God of darkness ‘Eres’. The choice is yours as to who ultimately triumphs in the end.

Choosing to play as either a Titan, Knight, Mage, Sorcerer, Healer or Rogue, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, you can choose to be good or evil.

And this is one of my favourite parts of ‘Last Chaos’ the story is not linear, so that each action that you choose to do within the game, changes the destiny of your character. So you can make an alliance with an online player, and then double cross him. Its this complexity that makes the game more realistic, and not to mention a lot harder, as you constantly have to be careful of who you alliance yourself with, lest you be double crossed.

The world of ‘Last Chaos’ is huge! And the playability is such that I expect to be still wandering around the land of ‘Iris’ for a few months to come. The graphics are also very good! ‘Last Chaos’ uses “Normal Bump Map Rendering Technologies, which enables high-quality graphics of 20,000~30,000 polygons using only 2,000~3,000 polygons”. Which means you get some sweet visuals.
Oh who is a good little Dragon!You also have the ability to get a pet, to be a faithful friend, and ally as you travel. the pets include: A Dragon, which is really cute! When you first get it, and eventually grows into a huge Dragon that you can ride. The other is a Horse, which again starts out as a pony, and then grows into a horse you can ride. Both pets can serve as mounts or just as companions, They can also be used to protect you, and have skills which they can learn to help you in the game.

And while the game does not break any new ground, within multi-player RPG’s it does what all the other RPG’s do with slightly more polish. It is a very solid game, and one that is definitely worth taking a look at.

And if you get stuck playing the game, You can find a great guide here

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