Nintendo Claims Online Made For All


In a classic piece of PR BS, Nintendo of America’s Eric Walter had this to say to some of the criticism the company has taken for the Wii’s online service:

Different services do things differently. Nintendo’s three goals for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection are to make the service free, easy and safe. These goals are there not just for young players, but also older ones and new players. Nintendo is bringing a lot of new people into the world of video games, and we want to reduce barriers while making the online experience as enjoyable as possible.

Done laughing? No, neither am I.

Walters apparently believes that grandpa is going to grasp finding his own friend code, sending that to a friend, having them reply back to accept it, going into a game, finding another friend code, sending that to a friend, and then maybe if all that technology works, play a game with someone he knows.

We live in a country where parents are too oblivious to even use simple parental controls, and Nintendo now states they can deal with friend codes? You’re not reducing barriers, you’re creating more of them and scaring that same group away. While the Wiimote is simple enough to grasp, the other parts of the technology are far more terrifying than a multi-buttoned controller.