Don’t Get Worms


Team17 has released some devastating news for Worms fans. The upcoming Wii edition of the wonderfully funny, quirky, and addictive strategy game won’t have online play.

This is a tragedy, as the franchise finally has the chance to branch out to a wide audience on a console popular with the casuals and mainstream. Those that can’t find someone to join in on the fun will be stuck playing by themselves, and since the beginning (to put it blatantly) Worms flat out sucks when you play by yourself.

All of the recent Worms titles have had online, and the Live Arcade version would not have been one of the best sellers of the year if it lacked the crucial feature. The apparent logic is that it’s a social game, “best played locally.”

Hey Team17, that’s some of the worst PR ever. It’s incorrect. We award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.