Call of Duty 4 Living Up to Its Hype

After pre-release skepticisms brought on by fellow gamers, I could only sit and wait for a true look at CoD4. It seems that the game may be a keeper. Other gamer writers are saying that the game mixes some qualities of Rainbow Six, Battlefield, Ghost Recon, and more.

The Call of Duty 3 let down, was dramatizing for me. I considered not giving the fourth version the time of day. However, some close trustworthy friends are very satisfied. These developers appear to redeem themselves. The single-player modes is short, but I guess that gives you more time to get out there and experience true multiplayer fun. However, if you tend to be a camper in single-player mode, they game may seem endless. Yes, that is right, the enemy will not stop coming if you don’t get a moving.

The other appealing feature is the customization of your soldier. If you are like me, and you like to snipe, but want the option to be more aggressive and move, and still toss those grenades, you can do it. Just spend some time while offline and make your favorite equipment settings.

‘Tis the season for first-person shooters, so do not pass this game up. It may be hard to make the right choices since the market was flooded in the past months. Know that Call of Duty 4 should get some weight in your decision based on what some of the best gamers are saying.