Asheron’s Call to Get 100th Patch… Let’s Celebrate?


You’re game was released in 1999. People still play it enough to keep up support. That’s worthy of a celebration. Kudos to Turbine for that.

However, that’s not what they’ll be celebrating. They’ll be celebrating that they’ve patched the thing 100 times. Seriously? It doesn’t really matter how long it’s been out on the market. If you game needs to be fixed 100 times, it’s time to start heading back to the drawing board. For those interested in whatever the new stuff may be, here’s some speculation:

“One of the ways we are looking at [adding this loot] is to use the Direland Champions mechanics. So that players who like to outdoor hunt would have a random chance of spawning a “Boss Creature” which would then either have this new profile or a key that would allow a pull on one of the new chests.”