WANTED: ultimat2.wad

Doom II: Hell on Earth

So back in the day, myself and Eric modified this Doom II: Hell on Earth map called ultimate.wad and lost at least three months of our adolescence playing endless deathmatches all night every night. And we named it, wait for it, ultimat2.wad which, to my current dismay as of the date of this post, returns no Google search results. I find it somewhat disturbing that such important 1’s and 0’s could be gone with no trace left behind.

My hard drives that may have contained the files most likely died long ago, but surely the Internet has a more robust information storage and retrieval system? Or, perhaps the capability lies only inside mankind. I am therefore calling upon the entire Internet, man and machine working together, to summon ultimat2.wad for us here at MPG.

It’s not a typo, it was like 1995 and we were restricted by the 8.3 filename convention of MS-DOS.


You are now charged with hooking up all your old 500 meg IDE drives and searching for this lost piece of awesome knowledge. When you find it, you will know it is probably the finest Doom II deathmatch map ever (mostly accidentally) created. There will be a prize for a verified copy of ultimat2.wad. That’s all.