Road to the Lich King: WOW’s new buff / debuff system

Arthas the Lich KingBlizzard has recently implemented a change in the Wrath of the Lich King beta that aims to vastly unify the staggering amount of different buffs involved in raiding and other group situations. The new system categorizes buffs into around thirty categories, and makes it so that only the most powerful of each category will apply. Most buffs are also being made to affect the entire raid rather than a single group of five people.

The mana regeneration system has also been significantly overhauled.  Whenever one of the mana regenration effects is triggered, the 10 people with the lowest mana in the raid regenerate 0.5% of their maximum mana each second. With the expansion pack, shadow priests, survival hunters, and retributiton paladins will all be able to bring this to raids.

The consequence of these changes is that raid composition will be far more open to variation, as stacking specific buffs will no longer be as important. This will allow guilds to focus more on bringing their 25 best raiders than trying to carefully balance the classes and buffs that each group of five players has. I’m personally glad to see this change, as it will help make raiding more accessible.

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