Xbox Live Call Out List Matures

Ah, the Xbox Live Call Out List. What a fun piece of writing. However, through the time it’s been done, things have stood out that need changing. Don’t worry, we’ll still be calling out those fools who try to make Xbox Live a miserable place. However, the scope needs to be more limited for a few reasons.

First off, I’m a Halo 3 fan. As such, I play a lot of Halo 3 (duh). Looking over the history of the list, one thing is clear: 90% of the offenders come from Halo 3. That’s not to say the vast majority of people who play Halo are worthy of the list, it’s simply something that I play every night, and hence, why most of those called out end up being from that game.

As such, this list will be comprised of almost all Halo 3 players, with the occasional odd exception. I do review games, but testing online features is usually trying out the modes and a few games to ensure it all works properly. It’s rarely enough time to find the boneheads. If there’s something significant, they’ll be added. Otherwise, expect the list to shrink to nothing more than Halo 3.

Secondly, since this is going to be a Halo 3 list now, the rules for inclusion will need slightly tweaked. Most of the offenders come after the game, in the post-game wrap up. The number of piss-poor losers and even winners is monumental, so while all of the categories will remain as they serve their purpose (as other games played are still valid for inclusions), some will be added. The new additions are:

I Win!: For those that feel their victory is enough to justify a mocking celebration worthy of a victory in World War II. These people rant endlessly, curse excessively, and find a way to be overly obnoxious.

I Lose, but You Suck (this will replace the Losing Trash Talker Award as it’s more encompassing): Yes good sir, you lost by 15 points, but please, let us know that we’re terrible Halo 3 players anyway. These are the types that just won’t let it go, blaming everything short of their terrible decision making and off-the-mark analog stick targeting. Oh, and they’re annoying.

Both of those awards can be combined with any previously announced award. With this latest revision of the List, there will be a new, special category. Instead of pulling the idiots out of the group, we’ll also be notating those special players who are actually nice. While this category is open, it could include someone who compliments, points out something about a level, or is just generally a joy to play with. We’ll call it The All Too Rare Player Award and you can expect it to be handed out rarely.

As per the norm, Gamertags of those who are seeking out the bad eggs will remain anonymous. Rest assured, anyone called out was significantly rude. Minor infractions are passed off as a having a bad day. If you continue to carry on after the initial burst (or choose to send messages stating your evil thoughts), that’s when you become List worthy. For a full list of past offenders, follow these links.

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