Mortal Kombat II Warps Off PSN

Why would anyone want to ditch Mortal Kombat II? Apparently, Sony had their reasons. The PSN release, a solid port with online play (great since single player difficulty is brutal) has simply disappeared in a poof of Reptile’s smoke.

Don’t worry if you’ve already downloaded the game, you’re safe… assuming you don’t need to re-download it. The game has not only vanished from the PlayStation Store, it’s managed to de-materialize from your download list too. Sony’s customer service stated it was purely due to a glitch with the 2.50 firmware update. Hmm. Could be, though why one game?

Ford Stock Drops as Associates is Spun Off.

Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News April 8, 1998 By Jennifer Bott, Detroit Free Press Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News DETROIT–Apr. 8–Ford Motor Co. shareholders woke today to a 33-percent drop in the price of their stock.

Although expected, the price plunge, from $65.50 per share at the close of trading Tuesday to a projected $43.75 this morning, was still a real eye-opener.

It resulted from finalizing the automaker’s spin-off of Associates First Capital Corp., Ford’s former consumer-finance company.

Ford stockholders received in compensation 0.2621 shares of Associates’ stock for every Ford share they own. Associates’ stock closed Tuesday at $84.38 per share. ford stock price today

The Ford stock price dip was anticipated because the spin-off removed about a third of Ford’s income stream, represented by Associates revenue. The spin-off, announced Oct. 8, sets the consumer-finance company free to trade on its own and allows Ford to concentrate on making and selling cars and trucks.

About 135,000 Ford employees who collectively hold 146 million Ford shares in their 401(k) plans will share a $3.2-billion cash reimbursement, posted to their accounts Tuesday, for the lost value of the Associates. It also includes a special $2.57-per-share dividend from Ford.

Based on the average Associates trading price Tuesday, Ford employees got $22.12 cash per Ford share in their company-sponsored retirement plans. The final payout was 82 cents higher than the $21.30 initially estimated by Ford when it announced details of the spin-off.

Ford officials said about 90 percent of employees elected to keep the cash reimbursement in their plans. web site ford stock price today

The remaining 10 percent of workers decided to take the cash out of the accounts, penalty free but subject to taxes. Those checks are to be mailed next week.

David Healy, an auto analyst with Burnham Securities, said with Associates trading on its own, Ford will be a less diversified company, “Which isn’t necessarily bad.” He said Ford is making progress cutting costs and introducing products. He predicted Ford’s 1998 earnings will be 2-percent higher than in 1997. That means Ford stock should increase in value. In a decent market, Ford shares could reach $50 within 12 months, Healy said.

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