Second Life Couple Splits Due to in-game Affair, World Laughs

Meeting someone in Warcraft or Second Life and marrying them has happened before. It’s rare, but it happens. However, if that’s all this story was about, it wouldn’t be news worthy, now would it?

Amy Taylor and David Pollard met in Second Life. They married in Second Life (and in First Life known as the real world). Three years later, Amy caught David cheating on her after hiring an in-game PI. Really.

Who was he cheating with? Someone in Second Life. And no, not cheating with someone he met in Second Life, but someone actually in the game… like with a keyboard. Typing. Not in real life. That was enough to send Amy into a frenzy, filing for a divorce. Where does she go from there? She’ll be fine as she claims to have met someone in World of Warcraft.

*Head meet desk*

This is more proof that Idiocracy is the most important movie of our time.