The Original Multiplayer Game: Contra for NES

Contra has to be one of the best original multiplayer games ever made.

There are so many sites setup that discuss Contra it is amazing. Checkout this Google result for Contra NES (2 Million + results at the time of this writing!)

Originally making its debut in 1988 Contra became a must have NES game for generations to come.

How could I mention Contra without of course mentioning the infamous 30 lives Contra code (also known as the Konami Code):
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A Start

(“Select” if you are playing two player which is obviously what you are doing.)

The memories I have of playing this game honestly are around other people.  Although the console of NES is now dated compared to the next generation consoles that currently exist, most people enjoy a class game of Contra.  Going through the game does not take long and there are even speed trials and other challenges to be found online.

Many iterations of Contra have come out over the years including many sequals.  In my opinion nothing can rival the original game and it continues to live on with old roms as well as new licenced versions in the Wii.

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