PS3 Review: Bejeweled 2


Finally making its way to the PlayStation 3 is Bejeweled 2. Years (literally) after its release on the Xbox Live Arcade, this PS3 port brings over the same features, looks, and sounds of its counterpart. There are no earth-shattering new features, no blinding new visuals, or even a change in controls. It’s purely Bejeweled 2, and no, that’s not a complaint.

Four modes are initially selectable, with an additional four to follow once unlocked. Every Bejeweled fan will have their personal favorite, whether it’s the casual infinite play, hectic timer, or the brain-stretching puzzle mode. Again, it’s nothing fans haven’t seen before, but if a 360 is out of reach and you’re adamant about not being an PC gamer, this may yet seem new to you.

In case you fall into the latter category, Bejeweled is PopCap’s greatest achievement, single handedly killing all productivity in offices around the world. The game has sold around four gajillion copies (literally) and continues to bring new players in every day. Bejeweled’s simple to grasp flip/switch match three mechanics are as addictive as they’ve always been, and the sharp colors makes long sessions easy on the eyes.

The transition to the console world is straightforward to a game like this. While moving the d-pad isn’t as fast as using a mouse, the compromise here is a negligible alteration at best. Stacks of leaderboards remain to challenge those who are surely far better than you.

Still, it’s a shame that with all of the time between the ports that nothing has changed (not even the price). A PS3 exclusive mode, different level transitions, new music, etc. All of those would have been welcomed, not to mention create some repeat business from multi-system owners. Oh, and it’s still frustrating to lose because the screen has no moves left. Instead, this is a straight, untouched port and there’s no reason to buy if you have this on the 360.

However, if you’re still reading, you probably don’t have the 360 release, or you’re incredibly bored. If the former describes you, then Bejeweled 2 makes for a fine PSN release. It’s hard to complain about something this well crafted and addictive.