New Xbox Live Call Out List Volume III


Welcome one and all to another loaded edition of the call out list, this time with a special bonus round for a particularly special breed of Call of Duty player. As always, check the original posts to see a full list of offenses. On with the fun!

Gamertag: GuyNamedNate
Found: Super Street Fighter II HD Remix
Awards: The Cheater

Specific Offenses: Man, technical problems in online games are no fun, especially when they happen just before the final blow lands that would have cost you the match. That, or Nate quit just prior to losing to avoid a loss. Hmm.

Gamertag: BigVADER88
Found: Call of Duty World at War, Team Deathmatch
Awards: Outside Conversator, I Lose but You Suck

Specific Offenses: Not only did we have an issue with an outside conversation that was obnoxious and loud (sounded like people fighting for the controller), we were then told in no uncertain terms that “we F’n suck!” despite his stat sheet which stated 2 kills and 20 deaths. Not smart.

Now it’s time for a special breed of player, one that combines to create the largest segment of Gamertags ever assembled into the list. For the uninitiated, Call of Duty World at War’s Roundhouse level has a glitch in which the player can end up underneath the level, becoming practically invincible while still able to shoot other players. It’s cheap, and certainly falls under the category of “The Cheater.” However, we caught so many doing it, they had to be combined into a single section all their own. As such, the following people all earn “The Cheater” award:

LedZepp27, XxANTIHER0xX fox, LYKEDAT, CatchTh1s, Murkav3Li, Camxxbestskate,
mungeking209, DaEvTron, DoubleD2428, Mr RonJon, x1S1LENCER 3x, COOLIO 6699, K1NG OF GAMES

Way to go guys. Not only have you been called out, you also were reported for cheating. Kudos!