Developers Push for PS3 Price Cut


It’s highly doubtful any non-PS3 owner looking to purchase the hardware soon wouldn’t want a price drop before they do. Take solace then that UbiSoft and EA have your back, as both have stated a price drop would help them to. Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot states, “Anytime a console manufacturer reduces the price, software publishers benefit.”

EA Sports’ Peter Moore hits Sony where it hurts with, “Sony obviously still has a ways to go with their pricing…” However, that’s wishful thinking given the economy is hitting Sony, requiring job cuts of 16,000 employees.

“Everybody in the development community would love for the PS3 to be free, so they could just sell razor blades,” stated Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America.

It’s doubtful anyone would argue with free, not just the development community Peter.