Nintendo Announces Arcade Channel to Expand VC


As if the Genesis, N64, SNES, Turbo-Grafx, Neo Geo, and Commodore 64 weren’t enough, Nintendo is further expanding the Virtual Console to include an even larger segment of classic gaming: the Arcade.

At GDC, Nintendo launched the feature to the public with four games, ranging from 500 to 600 Wii Points. Launch games are ’80s titles, with more available soon.

Gaplus (Namco): 600 Wii Points — available now
Mappy (Namco): 500 Wii Points — available now
The Tower Of Druaga (Namco): 500 Wii Points — available now
Starforce (Tecmo): 500 Wii Points — available now

The only other games announced were Sega’s title Space Harrier and Namco’s dull shooter Solvalou. Thankfully, the SD Card transfer has also been made available so you’ll actually have room for this stuff.

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