GamePro Execs Depart


Weeks after EGM was purchased and subsequently shuttered its doors, two executives from the equally long-running GamePro magazine have departed. President and CEO Daniel Orum and Senior VP and Publisher Bob Huseby have left their posts. However, they stated this reason has nothing to do with the magazine being in trouble. George Jones, Senior Vice President, told GameDaily:

“We’re in a really good place now. We measure the vibrancy of the magazine through the health of the publication on newsstands and we’re selling through at a good clip – not like the heydays of the ’90s but still really well on an issue-to-issue basis. I see all the numbers and there’s no reason for us to worry right now.”

With so little competition out there and actually a decent, respectable mag on the shelves, hopefully GamePro will have the staying power to make it another 20 years.