E3 2009: Nintendo Still Doesn’t Understand


Video games are fantastical. Where else can you play in the Super Bowl but Madden? Where else can you beat Tiger Woods in 18 holes? Wii Motion Plus, which Nintendo pushed for the second year in a row at E3 ’09, disables a gamers ability to do that.

I don’t want a game that makes me slice as I would on a real life golf course. It defeats the point of playing a video game, to escape reality for that brief time. That’s wonderful there is one-to-one motion; that could enhance shooters and other genres beautifully. Tennis games? Not so much.

Nintendo has become the QVC of the gaming industry, selling useless garbage such as Vitality Sensors to moms across the country. Wii Motion Plus, Wii Fit, and the Vitality Sensor all fall into the same category. They are extra accessories, things that can barely be considered relevant to the gaming industry. This is what Nintendo wants us to buy, not games.

You can make the announcement of a new Metroid and stun the world by having Team Ninja develop it. You can create a four-player Mario game and excite the world.

However, when build things such as that up with fashion software, you’ve already lost. Why are you selling tween games to an audience of gamers? The gaming blogs of the world can’t waste space with this stuff, and they won’t because their audience doesn’t care.

Why do you consistently waste your one chance each year? Why are you wasting time with promos we saw last year? Just because you show us three games we already knew about previously as your hardcore segment you expect us to forget the fact that you’re releasing a ridiculous heart monitor?

You’ve long since moved too far from us to come back with Mario. Metroid. You’ve forgotten us. We don’t care. You apparently don’t care. So forget it. There’s no point in even discussing this stuff anymore. We’ve tried. You said you read the blogs?

Soon there will be no point when you’re being ignored. It’s all you deserve.

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