Every Famicom Cart Displayed in 3-D


So, let’s say you’re sitting around. You’re pretty bored. What could you possibly do? How about create an online site showcasing pictures of every Famicom cartridge ever produced in a full 3-D gallery? Yeah, I didn’t think of that one either.

Regardless, someone did have that idea, and the end result is undoubtedly spiffy and fun to play with. If you can read Japanese, it’s truly informative as clicking on each cart reveals basic details about the game and a hi-res image. It works amazingly well in Firefox and IE with Adobe Flash 10, so if you don’t have those, might want to consider an upgrade.

Oh, and turn down the volume. “Music” is annoying as hell.

PoochCity.com Debuts

Wireless News November 23, 2010

Wireless News 11-23-2010 PoochCity.com Debuts Type: News

Launching in November, PoochCity.com now welcomes residents, according to a release. see here dog treat recipes

Pooch City said it offers a social networking site for dog lovers and the businesses that serve them. The site offers all of the community social networking features found on sites like Facebook, combined with tools to help small businesses increase their bottom line by bringing together canine-focused businesses with doggie aficionados worldwide.

Recognizing that small and independent businesses dominate the pet industry, Pooch City offers its residents (members) in their Business District access to their exclusive Pet Service Scheduler. The scheduler allows service providers to market their services, allow customers to schedule appointments and pay for appointments – all via Pooch City. In addition, Pooch City has adoption and breeder search tools for those looking to add a new member to their family.

This canine social network was created by Tamika Stokes Goins under her company Because. Goins also created and publishes the national, lifestyle magazine Doggie Aficionado. The goal of Pooch City is to consolidate the fragmented, online pet industry, leveraging best practices in social networking with practical small business solutions thus creating a virtual city of all things dog related.

“With pet parents bursting to share fun tidbits and photos of their fur children and businesses wanting a piece of the nearly $50 billion pet industry, an online site like Pooch City is an obvious evolution. Our team is excited to welcome residents and businesses,” said Goins. website dog treat recipes

Pooch City membership is free for residency members (non- businesses). Non-profit rescue organizations can also create free shelter accounts to post information about dogs in need of a new home. The site offers three business residency types: Downtown, Business District and Mall Store Owner. The business memberships start at $125 per year.

“From sharing dog treat recipes, getting dog training tips, to shopping for a new dog bed and finding clients for your new pet- sitting business, it all can be done in Pooch City,” said Gail David, Advertising Manager of Pooch City. “The feedback and comments we’ve received over the years from Doggie Aficionado readers and partners have gone into Pooch City. And we are confident we’ve built a city residents will love.”

Because has two dog brands, Doggie Aficionado and Pooch City. It strives to save and improve the lives of dogs.

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