Dungeons and Dragons Online Goes Partially Free


Geeks everywhere unite!

Turbine’s Dungeons and Dragons MMO is going free, in a version called Eberron Unlimited. The free-to-play MMO is supported by in-game weapons purchased with real money, but the real hardcore fans? Yeah, they pay to play something others get for free. The VIP pack includes perks like additional character slots, limitations on voice chat, and limited world roaming, all for a monthly fee.

All in all, considering no one is paying for it, the free service is actually robust, and certainly an easy way to lure in unspsecting players who previously had lives into the full world at a later date. Impressive Turbine. Your marketing works well.

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Victorinox Swiss Army Named Official Soldier’s Knife by the Swiss Government.

Science Letter October 28, 2008 After almost 50 years, the Swiss Government called for an update to its standard issue Soldier’s knife which began its tour of duty in 1961. This marks only the fourth evolution of the storied knife over its 120-year history. A total of seven suppliers from Switzerland and around the globe were invited to participate in the evaluation process; the knives submitted underwent practical testing by military personnel while laboratory tests assessed the compliance with technical specifications. Victorinox proved to be the best solution for the Swiss Army and was awarded the exclusive contract as the official provider (see also Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc.). site victorinox swiss army

“It is very exciting and an honor that Victorinox can continue the long standing relationship it has with the Swiss Army. We will continue to provide quality knives to Switzerland’s soldiers just as my family has done for more than 100 years,” states President of Victorinox AG and founding family member, Charles Elsener. go to site victorinox swiss army

The new standard issue knife features a new ergonomic dual density handle, which will allow for a secure grip in extreme cold or wet weather situations. Other updates and features include a one-hand serrated locking blade, Phillips Screwdriver, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with large locking screwdriver, wire stripper, reamer, key ring and wood saw. The standard issue model will be offered in a black and olive green combination handle which will be available at retail in spring of 2009.

75,000 units have been ordered by the Swiss Army and will be issued to troops during the first basic training sessions of 2009.