Rumor Dept: New Xbox Console in Fall of 2010


Natal was a huge announcement for Microsoft at E3. So big, they stated it would be like the launch of the Xbox 360. Well, maybe that was misstated, because 1up states that it will be a new console. It’s all a rumor for now, but they claim it won’t be a re-release of the 360, but a new platform with the Natal camera included inside the package.

However, they stated there is no guarantee this is new hardware or if the configuration will simply change and be slapped with a new name. The whole thing is very confusing, but it boils down this this:

Make no mistake, we wouldn’t be talking about the sort of hardware leap we’ve seen with Xbox (or most other) platforms in the past, and we’re not talking about Microsoft ending one console cycle and starting another. We’re talking about an evolution of the Xbox 360; similar hardware but upgraded, repackaged, and rebranded.

Take that for what you will.

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Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO) March 12, 2005 | Redding, Jill Byline: Jill Redding, Special To The News Even when adventure racer and race promoter Barry Siff was living in Fort Collins, his heart always was in Boulder.

“I’d always come to Boulder and go to Moe’s, Boulder Running Company, Pro Peloton (bike shop). I’d feel the vibe here,” he said.

Siff picked up that vibe and ran with it when he moved to Boulder three years ago. Last summer, he purchased the 5430 long-course triathlon from founder Beth Spiegel, then added the hugely popular Boulder Peak Triathlon to his new company, 5430 Sports, after buying out owner Paul Karlsson. web site boulder running company

Siff also created a sprint-distance race and is packaging all three events as the 5430 Triathlon Series that will debut in June, offering local triathletes a natural progression in distance to the 5430 triathlon finale in August. All races will be at Boulder Reservoir. Now age-group racers such as Longmont’s Ben Kuster, 40, won’t have to go far to experience a full summer of racing.

“I’m planning to do the whole 5430 series this year,” Kuster said. “The 5430 Half Iron race is one that I’ve wanted to try since it came around, and I’m finally going to give it a go this year. One great thing about the series is that the races are so close to home. I’m not an early-morning person, so that’s huge.” But the series will appeal to more than just locals. Karlsson, who started the Boulder Peak Triathlon in 1992 with Dave Jensen, said the Olympic-distance race annually attracted competitors from as many as 40 states as well as international entrants.

“We got 400 people the first year, and it just grew from there,” Karlsson said. “It was an Ironman qualifier in 1999, and it’s sold out every year since then.” Karlsson, a high school history teacher, said he was ready to give up the reins of the race after 13 years and felt Siff’s creative energy and business mind would be a perfect fit.

“I’ve got the bug, and when I do something, I do it full steam ahead, 110 percent,” Siff said. “I did it in adventure racing, and now I’m doing the same in triathlon. I’m really enjoying it.” Siff, who has competed in such adventure races as the Eco-Challenge and organized several races and camps, is also a three-time Ironman finisher. see here boulder running company

Though Boulder Peak and 5430 already have been successful on their own (they were both recently named in the top 20 races in the country by visitors to the Inside Triathlon Web site), Siff already is putting his stamp on the series.

He flip-flopped the dates for the Boulder Peak and 5430, moving the Peak to July and the 5430 to August. The sprint race June 19 is a Leukemia Society Team in Training event. Siff also is offering a $35,000 prize purse for professional triathletes for the two longer races, and an almost unheard of purse of $10,000 in cash and $5,000 in gift certificates for age-group triathletes.

“I’ve always loved the Boulder Peak Triathlon,” Kuster said. “It’s one of the best-organized races, with a challenging, safe and scenic course. I love seeing so many men and women giving it their best efforts, and having a blast in the process, regardless of experience or ability.” Spiegel, who actively looked for a buyer for the 5430 race after accepting a position with the Colorado Rockies, said she approached Siff about buying her race because “people think very highly of him in the racing community, and I thought he would do a great job. He already did a great job with last year’s 5430.” Spiegel started the 5430 race in 2001 as an Ironman-distance race, naming it after the highest elevation on the course.

Siff is hoping triathletes will sign up for the whole series. He said he expects Boulder Peak’s 1,650 slots to fill by early May.

“I think this puts the finishing stamp on having Boulder as the triathlon mecca of the U.S.,” Siff said. “Boulder already has tremendous athletes, a tremendous support system, great facilities to train in and a great environment.” If they’ve still got the bug after the 5430 race Aug. 7, racers can venture to Steamboat Springs three weeks later for a new triathlon created by Siff. He said the distances will be “between a sprint and Olympic-distance race” to appeal to athletes looking for one last hurrah for the season.

Redding, Jill