NBA 2K10 Collector’s Edition… “Holy Crap”


Yes, it has been 10 years since NBA 2K wowed everyone on the Dreamcast, and 2K Sports wants to ensure you know this by releasing what we will affectionately call the “Holy Crap” edition of the game.

The $100 “Holy Crap” edition comes with a limited edition McFarlane Kobe Bryant figure, a Bryant poster, exclusive video about the franchise, exclusive lobby for online matches and… ready for this? A freakin’ storage locker big enough to hold 20 games. Yeah, now you know what we meant by “Holy Crap,” huh?

While the price is high, the stuff included isn’t too bad (McFarlane figures run $15 on store shelves, already putting the price at $75 with the game). Plus, the locker is freakin’ awesome.

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