Yes, There is an Asteroids Movie Coming


Okay, that headline sums it up, but let’s process this idiocy for a moment.

Four movie studios (yes, four) entered into a bidding war over the rights to make a movie based on Asteroids. Yes, the classic vector based shooter in which player controls a triangle shooting rocks in space. Nope, it had no story. It really was a ship against a black background in space.

Someone spent money to actually turn that into a movie. Idiocracy is becoming closer to reality every day, and now a movie studio actually goes and does something this ridiculous? Seriously, what good is the license if the license provides you with a freakin’ ship shooting space rocks? Hey Universal, how about you forget the rights and just call it “Space Rocks?”

Research on Anthropology Published by Scientists at University of Split.

Life Science Weekly October 18, 2011 A new study, “The impact of basic motor abilities on the specific motoricity performance in elite karateka,” is now available. According to the authors of recent research from Split, Croatia, “The aim of the study was to identify motor structures that determine high performance in karate. The study included a group of 85 karateka aged 18-29 years, competing as senior category athletes within the Croatian Karate Society.” “A battery of 22 motor tests (9 basic motoricity tests and 13 specific motoricity tests) were used. Factor analysis of the basic motor variables pointed to the existence of three significant factors: coordination, explosive strength and movement frequency; whereas factor analysis of the specific motoricity area indicated two significant factors, i.e., factor of technical efficiency and factor of specific agility,” wrote R. Katic and colleagues, University of Split (see also Anthropology). go to site force factor reviews

The researchers concluded: “Canonical correlation analysis showed the isolated set of basic motor factors to significantly determine both technical efficiency and specific agility-mobility of the karateka, with a predominance of the explosive strength (force) factor, followed by the speed and coordination factors.” Katic and colleagues published their study in Collegium Antropologicum (The impact of basic motor abilities on the specific motoricity performance in elite karateka. Collegium Antropologicum, 2010;34(4):1341-5). in our site force factor reviews

For additional information, contact R. Katic, University of Split, Faculty of Kinesiology, Split, Croatia.

Publisher contact information for the journal Collegium Antropologicum is: Collegium Antropologicum, Institute Anthropological Research, PO Box 290, Ulica Grada Vukovara 72, IV, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.