Summer of Arcade 2 Disappoints


*sigh* Charging $15 for a downloadable Arcade game should not be the norm, and sadly, that’s the case with four out of the five releases for the upcoming second (now apparently annual) Summer of Arcade starting July 22nd.

The games are probably great, including Turtles in Time Re-shelled, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Shadow Complex, Trine, and ‘Splosion Man (the latter the only $10 game), but at these prices, who can afford to buy them all? That’s $70 for the entire stack in a months time, a staggering price for mostly small, short experiences. Someone needs to rethink their pricing strategy since buying them all will run you more than a full retail release. Awful.


US Fed News Service, Including US State News April 7, 2010 TALLAHASSEE, Fla., April 6 — Florida State University issued the following news release:

The Florida State University College of Law faculty is 23rd best in the nation in terms of per-capita scholarly impact, according to a recently released study. go to site florida state college

The study, by Professor Brian Leiter of the University of Chicago Law School, ranks Florida State in a tie with Emory and the University of California at Davis. Florida State is the only Florida law school ranked.

The study aims to identify the 25 law faculties with the most scholarly impact as measured by citations during roughly the past five years, according to Leiter. The study was conducted in early January 2010. in our site florida state college

In addition to the overall ranking, two Florida State law professors, Jim Rossi, the Harry M. Walborsky Professor and associate dean for research at the law school, and Mark Seidenfeld, the Patricia A. Dore Professor of Administrative Law, are ranked among the top 10 most cited scholars in the specialty area of administrative law. Visit this link to view the rankings.

“This survey demonstrates that investments in Florida State Law are paying great dividends,” said College of Law Dean Don Weidner. “I am especially grateful to all of our alumni who have contributed endowed professorships that helped transform our scholarly culture.”