T-Rated = Sh!* Fest


Ha Ha Ha he called the sh!* poop…well not anymore he won’t.  For all the parents out there who think that it is safe to buy your kids T-rated games for their video game system, you are wrong.  At least you are if you do not want your kids hearing “shit” on a regular basis. John Davison, a game journalist, did research on T-rated games after which he made the following statement:

If you’re sensitive to profanity, and to words like “s**t” specifically, then Teen-rated games are not going to be safe territory. While you won’t ever hear “f**k” (or any variations of it) in a Teen game, unless it’s bleeped-out as it is in UFC Undisputed, you will hear plenty of words like “a**,” “b*tch,” “p**s,” “d**n,” body part terms like “d**k,” and “t*ts”, and variations on cuss words that include “hell” or references to god.

Consider this the warning for all those virgin ears out there, and protective parents.  Apparently someone, somewhere decided it was time for your teenagers to grow up, by dumbing down the vocabulary they encounter.  Let me just say, A+ idea for whoever decided that was ok.  Just one more thing for video games to get ragged on for now. Geez, thanks.