Damn Long Haired Hippies, UFC Fighter Cut From Game for Hair


Video-game graphics have come a long way right? Well apparently not far enough along to deal with proper hair rendering.  That is the problem the developers of the new UFC 2009: Undisputed ran into with fighter Clay Guida.  THQ claimed Guida’s hair was causing hit detection problems in the game, so they asked him to cut his hippie locks.

Of course this request came with a cash offer, plus would land Guida in the game.  However, showing off a fighters true intellect Guida refused, and was therefore left out of the game.  Now admittedly there could have been many solutions to this without a hair-cut such as just slapping a generic do on his character model, but I say this to Guida; “Dude, cut your freaking hair! Get paid! And be immortalized in a video-game forever, duh!”