Week in Arcade: Marvel vs. Capcom 2


Another one game week, this time a port of an arcade classic that has been ported a few times. Is this port worth $15?

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

There is little doubt that in terms of sheer intensity, it is hard to match Marvel vs. Capcom 2. A wide range of characters (all unlocked from the start) carry a varied move set into combat which includes high jumps, screen clearing specials, and recognizable tag team brawlers. Combos are fluid, fast, and always enjoyable.

Most ports, including the Xbox and Dreamcast, reguarly fetch a collector’s premium if you can find them. This is $15, and undoubtedly compared to a physcial copy, a steal. With that said, the single player experience is non-existent since it is unlocked from the start (a feature with positives and negatives to it), and the only real benefit is online play. The sprite filters destroy the original artwork. If you own a prior version and believe the online is worth it, this is a straight port with no noticeable quirks. Otherwise, this is a pass at this price.

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