Turtles in Time Remake Re-Priced


The remake of Turtles in Time Re-Shelled is getting re-priced, apparently because someone at UbiSoft really likes putting “re” in front of everything.

Instead of the initial announcement of $15 (1200 MS Points), UbiSoft wised up and lowerd it to $10 (800 MS Points). The original emulated Arcade game went for $5 and was consistently a top played title on the service. UbiSoft said this in regards to the price change:

“We wanted to give something to the loyal TMNT fans in honor of the 25th anniversary,”

So, what is this “something” you’re giving us UbiSoft? It certainly isn’t a price drop because the game was never released and no one bought it yet. If you’re referring to the game, we knew about that a while ago, and that makes for a strange response to the question. Did someone read all of the negative comments about the pricing scheme and have a change of heart? Absolutely.

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