Call of Duty 4 Getting New Patch


Way to go cheating morons, you broke Call of Duty 4. A new exploit (which will not be detailed here; you can at least do some work if you want to cheat) has allowed a number of glitches to surface. Flying people and infinite ammo are breaking the multi-player aspects thanks to the exploit.

Infinity Ward is on the problem, which is affecting both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, despite early reports being PS3 centric. Infitity Ward is taking the issue seriously, updating their Twitter account to let players know where they stand on getting this idiocy fixed. Hopefully bans are in order after this is all settled.

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Pupils calculating on making their efforts count on World Maths Day

Belfast Telegraph March 6, 2012 Tomorrow children in a Belfast primary school will be putting their numeracy skills to the test. For the 217 pupils in Lowwood Primary School, off the Shore Road, will be joining 5.5 million students in more than 200 countries to mark World Maths Day.

The annual global event encourages children from all over the world to participate in maths games online in real time.

Over the last five years students have shown an average improvement of over 30% in speed and accuracy on World Maths Day, making it a powerful way to improve core computation and number skills. site cool maths games

Karen Adair, numeracy co-ordinator at Lowwood Primary School, said: “We are thrilled to be taking part in this global event.

“The children are not only being challenged with their numeracy knowledge but they are also learning about other countries from around the world.” Every child from P1 to P7 will be taking part in the event in the hope of getting the north Belfast primary school on to the global league table. website cool maths games

The more answers they get right the more points they clock up, and they can even log on from home throughout the challenge in a bid to boost their scores.

Mrs Adair explained that World Maths Day develops a range of skills. She said: “It’s very cross-curricular. It develops their ICT, numeracy skills and geography — the children are discovering countries they have never even heard of before.

“They have decorated the school with flags from around the world.

“The children are so excited. They have been practising for two weeks and have been online at the same time as some other schools from Belfast who they will be competing against, and even children within our school as well as pupils from around the world. They have gotten very competitive.” The goal for Lowwood Primary will be at the end of the challenge to make it on to the league table, but the school will also celebrate the success of pupils within the school.