Splinter Cell Conviction, Red Steel 2 Delayed Into 2010


UbiSoft is losing two highly anticipated holiday releases, a move surely to tick off a couple of investors. Both Splinter Cell Conviction and Red Steel 2 are moving into a March 2010 release. UbiSoft CEO Yves Guillemot tried to quell the masses of fans by letting them know this is all for the better:

“The changes on Splinter Cell and Red Steel – it’s just a question of polish. The team was asking that they couldn’t be with the level of quality on all the maps and all the game for the end of the year, so they had asked for more time to be able to come with a better product, for both of those games.”

In other words, everything may take a little longer, but it gives the team some added time to work with resulting in a better product. Seem fair to you?

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