Crimson Skies being Shopped Around, Shadowrun Not so Much


Smith & Tinker (heh, Tinker…) founder Jordan Wiseman owns two licenses he obtained from Microsoft. He is obviously (and rightfully) a fan of Crimson Skies, and is looking to shop it around to see if anyone bites:

“I think Crimson Skies is something we’d love to get some energy around, and we have some devious plans–we’ll see if those materialize.”

As for Shadowrun, an underrated FPS that simply lacked content, that is not something he sees as having potential:

“Shadowrun was recently… not treated well (ed note: understatement)… shall we say, so the thought was let a little time pass before approaching that one again,”

Well, at least that doesn’t rule out a release way down the road.

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