Halo 3 Salestacular!


What are some things we know about Halo 3?

1. The game is fantastic!

2. It launched with 3.8 million copies in it’s first week (a record which still stands)

3. It has an average critic score of 9.6

4. When Hollywood finally makes a movie out of it, it will makes large piles of money whether the movie sucks or not.

5. The game is fantastic! Oh wait I already said that one.

So maybe not all of this is common knowledge besides 1 and 5, but Halo 3 has now added a new impressive stat worth mentioning.  It has become the first Xbox title (on either the original or 360) to break 10 million copies worldwide as of August 8th, 2009 according to VGChartz research.  Halo 3 is only the 35th game to have done this, and it is still selling strong.

(Read the next two sentences with a sarcastic internal dialogue) Kudos to Bungie for deciding to stop doing Halo titles.  It probably is a dumb idea to keep making a game that sets records like this. Duh! All hail Masterchief!

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