Elite 360s No Longer Shipping with HDMI Cables


It used to be a nice bonus that when you ripped open a new Xbox 360 Elite, you were all taken care of when it came to hi-def. Included in the box was a useful HDMI cable, but apparently Microsoft has had a change of heart and decided to stop being nice.

Now, the Elite ships with a lowly, less-than-HD composite cable (ick!). They couldn’t even include a component cable? Of course, there are some who may take this news and think that Monster HMDI Cable that goes for triple digits over at Best Buy is required (it’s not) when you can get them online at various sites for about $5. HDMI is HDMI. Monster is selling you the same thing as the $5 guys, so don’t buy into the hype that doesn’t need to exist.

Still, way to take away the convienence Microsoft. Oh, and how are you supposed to watch all your HD DVDs? Oh wait… right. Sorry.

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