Rage May be Two Discs on 360


The upcoming id FPS may need more room than a DVD can handle. Since a 360 release is planned, that means two discs are going to be needed to handle all of the fragging action. id Software prez Todd Hollenshead states:

“We’ll probably have two DVDs for sure, and then the question is, will multiplayer be on a separate disc or not? It makes no sense for a player to swap that disc in multiplayer, right? That’s fail.”

You certainly can’t argue with the guy. Imagine having to get up and swap discs because a map is on the other disc. Just the thought of that is comical. Still, it won’t be the first game to do it by release, as Halo ODST will take the same approach, keeping the multi-player components on a second disc, even if the reasoning behind it is different (Halo ODST uses a different engine).

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