Starcraft II Kinda/Sorta Will Support LAN


If Blizzard learned anything over the past few months, it is that you do not want to screw with people’s LAN connections. When the company announced Starcraft II would not support LAN, the internet did its thing: it exploded. After all, not doing so would make all of us lose our geek cred.

In response, Blizzard delayed the game until 2010 to further incite fans.

Err, no. Well, they did delay the game, but they also announced what they were going to do in response to fan outrage over the LAN issue. They may (key word) use a system that would only connect to sporadically to authenticate the game. They’re calling it “pseudo-LAN,” and what that can be defined as is “piracy stopper that won’t work anyway.” Diablo III will likely use this same system.

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