Week in Arcade: Yo-Ho Kablammo, Defense Grid


A double dose of Live Arcade action this week, and you have a 50/50 shot at getting a winner.

Yo-Ho Kablammo

Oh boy. Look, we’re sure the developers put a lot of work into this one for the XNA Dream, Build, and Play competition. That said, this is relatively awful. You control a pirate ship with cannons and mines, trying to blow up the competition. Stiff, confusing controls are no fun, and the plane that flies overhead can completely block your view of the playfield. Multi-player or not, this one can be skipped.

Defense Grid: The Awakening

Tower defense lives in this excellent little title. While slightly straightforward for the genre, this is still enormous fun. A subtle sense of humor runs under the action, with an old computer guiding you through this sci-fi universe. It has some personality to it, which puts it in the league of Plants vs. Zombies and Pixel Junk Monsters. This is far better produced than the slapped together Crystal Defenders, another XBLA tower defense title. Plenty of content too, more than the PC and for a lower price. We have a winner.