Ghostbusters PS3 Still Disaster of Biblical Proportions


So, Ghostbusters on PS3 didn’t look so hot at launch. The game ran at a rather low resolution, resulting in ugly textures, especially when compared to the Xbox 360 version.

But, patches are wonderful things. Terminal Reality promised to fix the problems with a patch which is now available. Get to downloading PS3 owners.

What? It doesn’t fix the problem? You mean, they said it would run at a full 720p and it doesn’t? Okay, now this is actually interesting. Pre-patch, the game ran at 960×540. Post-patch, it only runs at a minor notch higher, 1024×576. The Xbox 360 port runs at a full 720p, 1280×720. If those numbers are too much to deal with, check out Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry blog, where they provide pictures to explain it. That’s way easier.

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