Game Addiction Clinic Born in the US

Not even ReSTART could cure this.

Not even ReSTART could cure this.


Look, people can be addicted to anything. For instance, Zuma. However, charging people $14,000 to get over World of Warcraft? This reeks of late night informercials. Set in Washington State, ReSTART will gladly take your money to “cure” you from the horrors of video games (then again, so would we although the results may not be the same). The course runs for 45 days, long enough to make all of your guild mates ditch you for someone else. At least Zuma would still be there.

And in case you need more reason to stay away from these people? It costs $311 a day. ONE day. Warcraft goes for, what, $20 for a month? It takes you 700 months before you spend that much on Warcraft. In this tough economy, people need to save… or buy Zuma. That’s even cheaper.

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