Week in Arcade: Bubble Bobble, Command & Conquer


Another double week, this time reinventing a classic and another title… that should have been an expansion.

Bubble Bobble Neo!

Thrill to the overuse of exclamation points in this wonderful update! Enjoy the catchy yet insanely repetitive music! Cry to the lack of online multi-player! Find the joy in the engaging monster-popping gameplay! Be wowed by the respectfully done visual update! Gasp at the new Arrange mode with new stages and four-player local player! Be happy with the $10 price point!

Command and Conquer: Commanders Challenge

No exclamation points, we promise. That aside, this is more of an expansion to Red Alert 3 than a Live Arcade game. The ridiculous size (over 2GB) makes it even moreso. This is fine strategy with 50 levels and a solid dose of Ric Flair pulled fro Red Alert 3, but this belongs in another section of the Marketplace.

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