Yet Another RROD Statistic


If you’re an Xbox 360 owner, you know what RROD is and if you don’t you live in a cave and shouldn’t own an Xbox. Over the years there has been some terrible facts that  have surfaced on how likely it is for a 360 system to experience RROD.  Then when those bad facts come out there always seems to be a report that comes out to give hope to Xbox owners, only to be shortly crushed my new horrific RROD stories.  This is the cycle of this epidemic.

Even though it will probably always continue like this, here is another message of hope.  SquareTrade, a big warranty provider, has data indicating the Red Ring of Death has been on the decline since early 2009.  The reaon for this decline? The introduction of the Jasper chip-set . They based this new report on 16,000 new consoles they covered containing these chips.  For current Xbox owner this means little, but for anyone thinking about getting a 360 this means check the manufacturing date on the box before you buy!

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