Spawn Labs Allows Console Play From Anywhere


Ever hear of Slingbox? It lets you takes your TV anywhere… without taking the TV. In other words, the box takes recorded content and via the internet, lets you stream that content anywhere in the world.

Well, Spawn Labs has the same idea, only instead of TV, they can do it with video games. All you need is there $200 box and a $30 adapter for your controller of choice depending on whether you want to play Gamecube, Xbox 36o, PS3, or PS2. So yes, if you’re on a business trip but can’t pack your console and all of its accessories, just stick this box in your briefcase and a controller and you’re set… assuming you have a TV to attach it to and internet connection strong enough to handle it.

Of course, if you forget to put the disc in the system before you leave… well, you’re screwed.

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