SSX Could Return


Oh SSX, how we love thee, at least before the days where the thing went open world and ruined it. So let’s rephrase that: Oh SSX Tricky, how we love thee.

Moving away from that slightly disturbing SSX love fest, some comments by EA Montreal’s Alain Tascan have spurred the idea that yes, the series that died on the Wii with SSX Blur could make an reappearance. When asked by about the series, Tascan stated:

“I know internally it is a franchise that people love because it was successful and good, and it reminds me of when we were young, and I feel if the market is there and is ready for a new one then we’ll consider it.”

Well Alain, we’re the market and we’re telling you we’re ready. Now. Like tomorrow… assuming you could make a full-on next generation in less than a day. If not, take your time.

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