Week in Arcade: Madness, Busting, Football (Not that kind)


Another three-fer week, this time with some content that Americans will be confused by, a classic arcade title that should have been on XBLA a while ago, and a great remake.

Nectaris: Military Madness

After finding a somewhat short rebirth on the PlayStation in 1999, Military Madness has since slipped into obscurity, despite being one of the best strategy titles ever made (beginning life on the Turbografx-16). This remake is faithful to the simple and addictive concept, popularized by Advance Wars in more recent years. The military hardware is cool, the graphics are sharp, and the multi-player is tense. Great game.


Well, this took a while. One of the most addictive multi-player puzzle games ever made, Bust-a-Move (also known as Puzzle Bobble) requires the player to shoot colored balls upward to match at least three in a row. The variances in your aim make this puzzler a true test of skill and luck, and the usual array of single player modes include puzzle, infinite, and versus CPU. The game is pleasant, harmless, and still loads of fun.

Football Genius

Do we have a lot of European soccer/football fans here in the states? We’re assuming not, so why is this released here? Sure, it’s a fun, fast-paced trivia game with Avatar and Vision Camera support, but these questions are impossible for anyone not familiar with a foreign sport. if you are, surely you’ll like this one, with pleasing visuals and the rapid pacing of the questions. Think Scene-it with soccer.

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