Samurai Shodown Edge of Destiny Trailer Debuts

SNK Playmore has released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming 3-D update to the Samurai Shodown franchise entitled Edge of Destiny. The trailer lives up to the usual expectations, introducing new characters, teasing classic ones, and delivering a small taste of gameplay.

The game is not being developed in-house, instead being handed over to developer K2 LLC, a company known best for the Tenchu series, and a small break with Valhalla Knights, a sub-par action RPG on the PSP.


Fans of the long running franchise will notice drastic changes to the usual weapons-based fighter formula, including a pacing increase that should have fans worried. Samurai Shodown, in its classic form was a slow, plodding fighter, loaded with depth and strategy. K2 seems to be moving to force the franchise into competition with Soul Calibur, adding juggles and ranged weapons into the Samurai Shodown universe for the first time.

Classic characters such as Haomaru and Genjuro should reassure cautious fans slightly, although it is important to note that Samurai Shodown VI, the final game in the traditional series, was shoved onto a compilation with unbearably low quality control. Maybe Edge of Destiny is the change the series needs to push it forward, making it relevant to a new generation.

The title is expected in North America this November for the Xbox 360. No word on whether or not other consoles will receive ports.

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