Capcom Offers Choice in Resident Evil 5 Expansion Poll


At the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom made the announcement of an upcoming expanded Resident Evil 5, titled “The Alternative Edition.” Currently scheduled for the PS3, the new version will implement motion controls via the as-of-yet unnamed PS3 wand controllers. Xbox 360 owners will have to wait as the development team is “evaluating what they can do for 360 players as well.”

That’s great, but it is also important to note that while the game will be released as a disc-based title in Japan, US and European gamers are being given a choice. A poll over at the community-friendly Capcom Unity is giving logged-in users the chance to vote to determine whether the expanded RE5 will exist on disc, or digitally.

Capcom cites the Western hunger for downloadable content, from the Resident Evil 5 multi-player DLC to their line of (quality) digital titles including Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix as the need for a change in these markets.

Resident Evil 5, new or old, should be on a disc. We are not fans of digitally downloaded games here at MPG, the convenience is worth far less than the ability to have full control over your purchase.

Japan is getting the full game plus new content. US gamers are only getting the additional portion. It makes some sense to question how to distribute this (and saves the marketing team some time), but why not give American gamers the same option? You’re making them purchase a full new version of Street Fighter IV. Why change now?

Credit goes to Capcom for giving the community a choice, but this should a clear decision that benefits the consumer.

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