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World of Warcraft

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The most recent patch to World of Warcraft, 3.3.2, available since 09-22-2009, adds on a fair bit of changes to the game proper. Patch 3.3.2a corrected a few issues relating to patch 3.3.2, and was made available on 09-25-2009.

Of notable interest: in commemoration of World of Warcraft’s five-year anniversary, (it seems so much older), Onyxia the brood mother makes her return. Her strongest version yet, she’s been designed to challenge level 80 players in 10 to 25 player modes. She makes her return with level 80 versions of the loot items she dropped from her level 60 incarnation.

Of course, there are volumes worth of updates available to the various classes of the world. Refer to this page for a more in-depth look.

The Public Test Realm is getting a new patch as well; Patch 3.3.0, (which applies only to features that exist within the public test realms).

In general, the Icecrown Citadel’s 5-player dungeon is available for testing, and dungeon and raid content will be made available in future builds.

In classes, the default starting equipment is more uniform, with Rogues starting with a pair of daggers, and all other classes save the Shamans start with a two-handed weapon equipped, and the required skill needed. Shamans start off with a one-handed weapon and a shield.

Regeneration has been buffed quite a bit at low levels as well. The rates have increased as much as 200% regeneration for Health and Mana. As the player levels, rates gradually decrease and eventually plateau to normal rates at level 15.

Spell cost for nearly all lower level spell ranks have been reduced, as well.

Racial attribute bonuses have been re-worked/ standardized; except for Dwarves, Tauren and Orcs, all races start with a standard level of stamina. The former three start with one extra point of stamina. For every class, bonuses and penalties have been re-worked so that each race has an equal attribute total.

It seems that WoW is trying to make the starting game more appealing to newer players, who could be put off by the relatively unimpressive low-level (level 1-20). Added balance and overall polish makes the game easier to… ease into. Of course, these patches and tweaks no doubt have everything to do with the upcoming Cataclysm expansion; steady improvements to make the game more interesting and overall balanced for the big event.

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